Sunday, September 27, 2015

Why are these books so great anyways?

Well, I'm glad you asked! This books series, Kiwi Simile and MORE!, is about educating and entertaining children and readers of all ages. The books are composed of two key elements – academic text that is very straightforward and funny, cheeky illustrations.

The text aims to build reading vocabulary and comprehensive skill by using context clues in each passage. If the reader still isn't grasping what is conveyed by the text the clever illustrations will sort it out for him/her in a fun way. The humorous illustrations harken back to the text to make the facts more memorable. If the material is more memorable, the readers are more likely to learn and retain the information.

These books can be purchased on via the links below. Thank you for stopping in and happy reading!

Kiwi Simile:

Ant Adaptation:

Anteater Analogy:

Ibex Idiom:

Platypus Parallel: