Thursday, May 21, 2015

Book Sale at Crossroad Corner Consignment July 11th

Book Sale at Cross Road Corner Consignment
Saturday, July 11th 11AM to 2PM

Please join M.C. McNellis for a BOOK SALE at Cross Road Consignment in Champaign, IL Saturday, July 11 at 11AM to 2PM.

This informative and educational book series is all about animals from around the globe. The drawings feature anthropomorphized critters engaging in somewhat familiar activities related to the text, which transforms hard facts into fun, relevant content for anyone! Appropriate for ages 6-12 (and beyond!). Each passage is written in simple language so the material is accessible to everyone - from younger readers to the more distinguished. Check out the reviews below or visit for more information about McNellis and her work!

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"The juxtaposition of informative text and fun illustrations makes the facts easy to digest for any reader and the books are also a great introduction to reference material for children. Each one is beautifully illustrated and are perfect for sharing together - ideal for introductory science lessons. We say... exciting books which really extend learning opportunities for children."
-Creative Steps UK

"Kiwi Simile" is an unusual, humorous nature educational book that combines pungent, witty, graphic-like illustrations with fascinating factoids and details about the life and habits of the New Zealand kiwi, a threatened species which is described as a bird and an 'honorary mammal.' The kiwi is the smallest Ratite, a category of flightless bird species. Many interesting details are described in the narrative and also humorously depicted in the imaginative illustrations. "Kiwi Simile" is an entertaining read and a fun way to learn many strange things about this unusual, declining species... "Kiwi Simile" is juvenile nonfiction at its finest."
-Midwest Book Review

Thank you for your time and thoughtful consideration!

M.C. McNellis

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