Friday, September 27, 2013


Greetings and Salutations!

Kiwi Simile is an informative and educational book all about the Kiwi Bird, a very interesting and disappearing species. The drawings feature an anthropomorphized Kiwi Bird engaging in somewhat familiar activities related to the text, which transforms hard facts into fun, relevant content for anyone!

Each passage is written in simple language so the material is accessible to everyone - from younger readers to the more distinguished.

"The book displays humorous images with scientific facts about the Kiwi Bird in a way that is simple, funny, and informative. Megan's sense of humor can be perceived just as well by children as adults"
-Soulaf Abas

"Funny and educational the whole way through!"
-K. McNellis

"Kiwi Simile is a nicely illustrated 28 page book in an 8" x 10" format.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Kiwi Simile. The illustrations, done by the author, are whimsical and pertinent to the narrative on each page. Readers and particularly children will certainly enjoy the illustrations as they are very entertaining.

Although the narrative is quite dry and more often than not reads like an encyclopedia, the illustrations more than make up for the rather academic treatment of the subject.

For the animal loving child and the inquisitive adult, Kiwi Simile should leave you smiling. I also like that the book ends with a page of resources for further study of Kiwi should a persons curiosity be piqued by the book..."

-M. Hrb

"Outstanding read! This book is fun, educational and beautifully illustrated. A highly recommended book to read with your children, grandchildren or class. Anyone who is concerned with wildlife, and the environment will enjoy this book. The illustrations are a delight and text easy to understand. This is a book for any age."